Local artist to transform our streets

A local artist is set to transform Bank and Pitt Streets through intriguing public art that will challenge your imagination (and make you say WOW!) throughout the day and night.

Jason Sims is an emerging South Australian artist with international success in creating multi-media artworks.The new art will mirror and connect Bank and Pitt Streets together, as a way to signify the beginning and end destination of the Market to Riverbank link.

These art installations will capture creativity and community spirit by encouraging people to connect through shared experiences. So, say wow to the person standing next to you!

Jason says “I am particularly inspired to create work that challenges perceptual systems through compelling the use of one’s imagination, as it is this quality that allows us to see the world in new ways. Though we are largely shaped by individual experience through feedback received from our senses, exercising our imagination can change the way we perceive the world around us and how we question assumed truths. It is this inherent imaginative component of our makeup and the way in which it can influence our understanding of reality that interests me.”

Just wait and see what his imagination brings to the streets! It’s going to be impressive.

Public art will play a huge role in transforming simple spaces into significant places with the investment of $800,000 into the Market to Riverbank public art program. Intriguing artworks will be located throughout the $14.6 million Market to Riverbank link upgrade of Adelaide’s key laneways.

You can expect to see the Bank Street public artwork being installed at the end of the year, to coincide with completion of the Bank Street upgrade.