New Public Art Installed In Bank Street

New geometric and abstract public art, titled Geode, inspired by geology and designed by local artist Amy Joy Watson, will be installed in the form of drainage grates throughout the $14.6 million Market to Riverbank link.

Renewal SA and City of Adelaide have jointly invested $1 million for placemaking across the link. The placemaking program involves activations and five artwork installations– creating opportunities for creative thinkers to activate the small streets and laneways, as well as economic vitality and job creation for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Renewal SA General Manager, People and Place Management, Georgina Vasilevski says that the new public art drainage grates in Bank Street and Topham Mall North are an important element of the Stage One $14.6 million Market to Riverbank link.

“This new public art installation will continue throughout the link and will become an important symbol of connectivity between the flagship laneways,” Ms Vasilevski said. “This is another element to capture people’s creativity and spirit who use the Market to Riverbank link on a daily basis. Public art plays an integral role in transforming spaces in places, and this art installation is a subtle way to encourage people to really look and notice something new about our laneways.”

Drainage grates being installed on Bank St

Adelaide artist Amy Joy Watson, says the geometric abstract design is inspired by geology referencing banded rock formations and are a nod to the millions of years taken for our landscape to evolve. “As if uncovered by an archaeologist the banded pattern running through the drainage grates and carved out of the seating elements seem to unveil traces of ancient landscapes and rock formations,” Ms Watson said. “These artworks speak to the layers of history, cultures, stories and time that has brought us to where we are now.”

City of Adelaide, Director Operations, Beth Davidson-Park, welcomes the new public art installation. “As part of our partnership with Renewal SA to transform key laneways and streets in Adelaide – public art is an important drawcard to create a more attractive space for visitors, commuters and businesses alike,” Ms Davidson-Park said. “It is important to encourage local artists to get involved and help shape public perceptions towards art in unusual spaces.”

Geode will be installed in Bank Street and Topham Mall North and will be continued throughout the Stage Two Market to Riverbank link laneways.

Both streetscapes are now pedestrian friendly environment and provide traders the opportunity to expand their business through outdoor dining, creating a more attractive space for new and existing businesses to thrive.

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